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  • Hospitality     Kathleen Nguyen and Sun Sato

  • Welcome Back Teacher Luncheon    Kathleen Nguyen, Sun Sato, Paul Huang, and Eva Kaliponi

  • Welcome New Student Luncheon   Sun Sato and Paul Huang

  • Registration Week     Kate Kersten

  • Honor Roll     Danielle Garbalosa and Jennifer Ansari

  • Holiday Luncheon     Sameera Rangwala

  • Tru Blue Awards (Fall)     Lily Li and Min Lu (Chinese PTO)

  • Tru Blu Awards (Spring)   Dardy Chen  

  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon    Seowon Elena Kim and Byoungyoung Kim (Korean PTO)

  • Grad Night    Helen Fletcher and Jenny McMasters

  • Parent Advisory Council      Lisa Cappel-Brown and Sarah Martin

  • Report Card Night     Dardy Chen and Phil Ling

  • TPSF Liaison      Lisa Cappel-Brown and Julia Tang-Wen

  • Education Grant   Dardy Chen, Julia Tang-Wen, and Alia Chowdhury   

  • Teacher Appreciation Refreshments 

  • Disaster Preparedness 

  • Senior Scholarships 

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